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Nothin' happnin' these days.

2008-11-29 14:43:30 by RyansRealm

Gettin' on with the music video, gonna be a while, but at same time working on a stick fight wont be much but something to submit i guess.


Too damn hard

2008-11-20 17:08:32 by RyansRealm

This game im trying to make is too damn hard, mainly because i cant find the action script needed.
I'm just going to stick to music videos from now on, so keep checking back to see.
My next music video is Hardware Store by Weird Al Yankovic.



2008-11-04 15:21:37 by RyansRealm

Starting a new animation about toast! Should be better than Jonny i hardly knew ya, but could be worse because I am using my new style.


Twas quick.

2008-11-01 09:14:46 by RyansRealm

Well, i was a bit quick in finding a style but, i can use it and make it better hopefully.
My display picture is my new style.


Twas quick.

New... everything

2008-10-31 09:41:45 by RyansRealm

I just realised my style is very similar to Edd of eddsworld. So I will be starting again from scratch, maybe making random stick movies until i can find a new style.

P.S Im keeping my last submissions on Newgrounds, mostly because people liked my last submission.



2008-10-26 21:36:19 by RyansRealm

Music video FINALLY done, an anti war animation.

Starting a game, little project.

Enjoy the flash, Ryan.

Nearing completion of my music video, around 70% done.
Heres a snapshot of the works.

Stay Tuned, Ryan.

When Jonny Comes Marching Home

B-dum tish

2008-09-24 10:54:23 by RyansRealm


Still working on my music video, 1/3 still to go, I am starting my next one about toast aswell.
Not working as much because im practising for the talent show at my school. More updates soon


Old Flash

2008-08-23 07:03:01 by RyansRealm


Just uploaded my first flash which i found when lookin around my comp. Just a little thing but should be fun to watch!


New flash

2008-08-22 16:46:06 by RyansRealm

Hey people

I started a new flash a coupla days ago and its gonna be a story about toast! Everyone likes toast! (i hope) Anyways, Im halfway through the music vid, and should be finished by november... i think. I'll keep you updated, come back here often to stay informed.